Suba Performance is made up of an experienced and knowledgeable team. We love living in Colorado and are passionate about Subaru. If you live in the Denver or Front Range area Let us take care of your Subaru service needs.


Meet the Owner: Troy


In 2000, Troy began servicing Subarus out of a residential garage in the Washington Park neighborhood. After some time and work began to pick up and expansion was necessary. In 2005 Suba Performance was officially established. Troy’s quality values and philosophy make the business into what it is today.

Troy can be found at the shop, at local events, and at competitions. He enjoys riding his bike on intense trails and racing his Group N car in rally and hill climb events around our beautiful state.

This is our Shop Manager, Ryan

Ryan Romero

Ryan’s interest in cars began when he was just 14.  He developed a love for Subaru and purchased his first at age 17, which was a model year 2000 Impreza 2.5RS. And much like the ronin warrior of feudal Japan, Ryan set out to begin his journey to find the best performance parts in order to feed his addiction, if only for another day.

While attending various car meets and making new friends, Ryan met Troy through Magoo. Eager to learn all he could, Ryan assisted Troy with work and service on his car.   Somehow their friendship continued and Ryan began working for Suba in 2010.

Meet Matt, our Diagnostic & Tech Specialist


Matthew’s first car was a Honda Accord. His fast and furious ricer days were righteous, but they were also numbered. Desiring a more capable platform for just about anything, Magoo purchased a 2001 Impreza 2.5RS.  Installing a suspension set up worth more than the car’s value, he learned the handling capabilities that Subaru can offer.  After wrecking the ’01, he sold it and purchased a ’97 Impreza L model.  He and Troy did a full WRX swap to the car, which was the swap that officially started the Suba Performance name. History was made!

Magoo has been around the car scene from Arizona to California and has lots of official service time under his thumb. This is one of the most trustworthy and knowledgeable men in the industry. Have full confidence in services and appreciate the attention to detail that is consistent with this skilled technician, specializing in Subaru and Toyota.

Meet the Diagnostic and Repair Specialist: Ryan


Ryan is a Colorado native who, thanks to his father, grew up in the car dealership world. After valuable years of gaining customer service experience in sales departments, Ryan realized salesmanship just wasn’t the best option for himself; however getting down and dirty were right up his alley. So one fateful day a connection was made that would send Ryan’s life down a path on which only the most qualified should travel. So like the samurai from centuries past, Ryan also chose the path to excellence…

Through successful apprenticeships and certificate achievements, efficient service repairs and accurate diagnosis of issues became normal practice for the young man. So as a new day emerges with the sun on its wings, Suba is happy to have this skilled specialist among the team.

Meet Aubrey, our Office & Scheduling Specialist

This delightful button has sales and customer service experience that make her a perfect fit for our needs here at the shop. Aubrey receives your calls and sets an appropriate date to get the job done. Her growing knowledge in Subaru culture and willingness to get involved is welcomed and we thank her.