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Winter is upon us and that means it’s time for attention to your Subaru. Whether you mostly stick around town or get up to the mountains each week to enjoy the snow, we’d like to remind you how important it is to properly service your car during these cold winter months. Having a reliable and able-bodied AWD car is what it’s all about here.

Some tips and knowledge from us to you:

• Check your belts, hoses, and bushings. In extreme conditions (which don’t have to be that extreme), the rubber compounds are susceptible to corrosion, dryness, and cracking– Which leads to failure.

• Make sure your heater and AC are working properly. Without these functioning as they should, visibility and comfort will be compromised.

• Replace your windshield wipers with the proper style. Rain-X Latitude’s are a good wiper blade for this season (and year-round).

• Keep your gas tank more full than not. Water condensation can build up in the tank, which can then find it’s way to the fuel lines. Not good. So don’t wait for your gas light to come on before a fill up.

• Check your oil fluid levels. Regular oil changes are necessary. While this may seem obvious, most drivers do not regularly check their oil levels, causing easily preventable damage. Our cars can consume more oil in the winter months– Especially during frequent short trips in harsh climates.

2011 Outback in snow

For safety:

• Get a good set of winter tires. This is perhaps the most important aspect to going where you want to go, and stopping when you need to.

• Keep an emergency survival kit in your car, complete with blankets and some food. Though it may sound a bit overkill, it’s best to be prepared for the worst.

• Practice driving in the snow! Learn how to better control your car in a large empty parking lot– Or some back roads but that can have consequences (see the above tip). Steering and stopping are vital to everyone’s safety, so do your part and be as prepared as possible.


This is a short list of things to be aware of. Remember we are here for all your service and performance needs, so give us a call today and get fixed up so you can stay on the road. Thanks for your time and we hope you all enjoy this winter and holiday season. Be safe out there!

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