Subaru & PUMA Rallycross Team Launch

2012 Subaru and PUMA will be joining forces to take on the energy drink makers and other OEMs of the world. This is exciting because I can buy some Subaru Pumas now instead of DC shoes.

Dave Mirra, BMX legend and Subaru Rally Team driver for several years, will be driving for the Subaru PUMA Rallycross Team, while Bucky Lasek (skateboarding legend) and Sverre Isachsen (2009 European Rallycross champion) will be manning the other two cars.

Take a look at the promo video and be on the look out for some new kicks from Puma


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  1. Archu says:

    Yea, for sure LOL. Thanks for the behind the sceens coverage. Do you have anymore driver interviews to post? I really wanna hear what they all thought of the course because I thought it was crap, to say the least. Maybe if they had a co-driver and pace notes, it would have been much smoother, but there was just too many spots you have cover multiple times to keep track of where you are and the dust didn’t help either. They should’ve wet down the track a little bit at least.

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