ESX at Suba Performance!

This past week has been very exciting for everyone at Suba Performance. Easy Street Motorsports and the Ali Afshar driven ESX street car is now at Suba! During the Born To Race promotional tour, the ESX street car made a pit stop at our shop. ESX Motorsports has provided a fine tradition of winning, with multiple records in drag racing and class with a dedicated ESX tuned production model sold by Subaru. The street car at our shop has around 1200hp and ran 8 seconds, with a complete interior! Check out some of the pics

Here is the 2011 STI out of the trailer and a Suba Built car
ESX Trailer 2011 STI
2011 STI
2011 STI Front
2011 ESX STI
ESX 2011 Exhaust
ESX 2011 STI Trailer
Now for the drag car
2011 STI & ESX Drag Car
ESX Hood Scoop
Drag Car In Trailer
First Peak
ESX Street Car
ESX Turbo
ESX Turbo 2

Of course we are able to see more of the car, some things must be kept a secret. Ill post more photos in the upcoming weeks in the mean time take a look at ESX Motorsports, Youtube drag videos of the car and of course Born To Race.

Born To Race
Born to Race Facebook Page
ESX Motorsports
ESX YouTube

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